The Future of Ambassador

At the beginning of October, Ambassador announced that their referral platform was being sunset and would no longer be supported as of September 2021. Since the announcement, the platform has changed hands, yet the lack of support and expertise is still a major concern, and the future of the platform remains uncertain. Since referral programs are often a critical component of an organization’s growth and acquisition strategy, many brands are eager to migrate their programs as soon as possible to keep their programs running smoothly.

What this means for Ambassador customers

Ambassador customers are now left with the decision to migrate their referral programs to another provider or risk disruption of service and missed referral revenue. This decision may come easy to some, but will depend on how important the customer experience is to their brand.

A loss of engineering continuity, in-house knowledge, and experienced technical support can introduce significant business risk and possible disruption of your referral programs, resulting in lost revenue and a poor customer experience.

A Key Consideration: If your programs suddenly go unsupported, how much referral revenue will be lost during a 3-6 month disruption while you find a new vendor?

Get Growing with SaaSquatch

This is an opportunity to re-imagine the future of your referral programs. Adding partner, affiliate or influencer programs can broaden your audience, while loyalty programs can create more advocates that are willing to refer. Plus, introducing more referral tiers can keep your customers engaged and generating even more referrals.

The other benefit is in finding a new vendor that has the flexibility to support your future plans. At SaaSquatch, we take a partnership approach and offer expertise to continually optimize your programs for success.



We'll make it easy for you

We’ve helped many customers make the switch from Ambassador to SaaSquatch. We’ve even built a migration tool to do just that. You can easily migrate data directly from your Ambassador referral programs, so your end-users don’t lose their activity history and reward balances, and you don’t lose your program analytics. Migrating now will ensure your programs continue to run smoothly. SaaSquatch offers:

  • An Ambassador Integration for easy data migration
  • Deep experience migrating customers from Ambassador
  • Access to a library of referral and loyalty programs
  • Ability to handle Affiliate, Partner, and Influencer programs
  • Exceptional customer success and support teams

Get started with our Guide to Switching Referral Platforms

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Looking for real results?

Learn how the UK’s leading online pension provider generated 5x more referrals since switching their customer referral program to SaaSquatch.

SaaSquatch was able to provide a quick and reliable solution for our member-get-member efforts. Their solution, customer support and anti-fraud features were invaluable to us while deploying the program with quality in a short timeline
Pablo Naze

Product Manager, 99

Our referral program has proven to be a cost-effective, fully-automated channel for growth. One of our most important criteria was to make every component automatic -- from rewards and analytics to notifications -- and it’s fully delivered on that front


Since launching with SaaSquatch, we've been able to capitalize on this new acquisition channel, increase our reach, and introduce new customers to Adzooma. We're seeing bigger and bigger volumes of demand each month, plus a 48% increase in conversion rates through our referral channel.
Sergei Danilov

Partnerships Manager, Adzooma

Every time we spoke to your team, you were progressing and adding features, and there seemed to be a consistent delivery against your product roadmap. In particular, our engineering team was confident that you would keep things up to date, and you had a well-documented API. When we looked at competitors, everything felt clunky, slow, and backwards.
Romney Taylor

VP of Marketing, Habito

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