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3 Steps to Loyalty Program Personalization

We all know that loyalty program personalization drives more results, but there can be confusion around the best way to achieve it. We're here to help!

5 Questions to Ask Before Launching a Referral Program

So you want to launch a referral program? Answer these 5 questions to set yourself up for success and drive business growth.

How to Boost Your Loyalty Program Participation Rate

Reward program participation isn't guaranteed once a customer enrolls. Use these tactics to drive engagement and boost loyalty.

Loyalty Programs for Customer Retention

Learn the importance of customer retention, and what loyalty programs are the most effective for your retention marketing mix.

An Introduction to Affiliate Programs

Learn how an affiliate program helps you acquire customers, boost sales, and reach new markets without wasting your marketing dollars.

Loyalty Programs to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

Increase customer lifetime value by offering relevant rewards, incentives, and opportunities they can't get anywhere else.

What Customers Want from Your Loyalty Program

The best customer loyalty programs are the ones that meet the needs, wants and desires of your customers. This is where to start!

Essential Loyalty Marketing Statistics for 2019

We've compiled the most important customer loyalty statistics to help you make the best decisions about your retention strategy.

Loss Aversion: How FOMO Drives Customer Action

Learn why loss aversion is a powerful tool to apply to your loyalty strategies for increased conversions and business growth.

Loyalty Programs for Customer Acquisition

Stop wasting money on paid ads and cold calls. Loyalty programs grow your business by attracting new customers and strengthening your salesforce.