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Infographic – The State of Referral Marketing for 2017

What works best in referral marketing today? A multichannel strategy gives marketers plenty of options to improve their referral marketing statistics...

7 Massive B2B Marketing Trends for 2017

My point is, b2b marketing trends for 2017 will be about making the best things better. And getting more familiar with our existing systems. Machine ...

How to Run Influencer Marketing Campaigns

The best brands have made influencer marketing campaigns an extension of their content and social media strategies. We're going to look at the process for ..

Increase Conversions with Personalization Campaigns

Marketers have long understood personalization campaigns as a surefire way to increase conversions. Offering products or services in a targeted and ...

Landing Page Optimization Strategy Guide

Landing pages are springboards for visitors as they move deeper into your website and brand offering. So landing page optimization comes down to achieving..

7 Customer Lifecycle Campaign Examples

A customer lifecycle campaign is the most effective way to address evolving needs through the customer journey. With a segmented user base, you ...

The 51 Best Referral Program Examples

We've compiled a list of the best referral program examples to inspire you while you design your very own referral program strategy.

How net promoter score can influence your decision making

At Typeform, we show customer how net promoter score can influence your decision making as a systematic way to collect our customers’ feedback, secret ...

Intro to Myers-Briggs Personality Types

This post is going to discuss how to target user segments with the principles of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Since the early 1900s, this ...

5 Strategies To Grow Your Referral Business

Referral marketing is one of the strongest strategies you can use to grow your business, one that made Airbnb so popular, so quickly