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Delete Test Data

Referral SaaSquatch now supports deleting test data from inside the admin portal in case your test referral program becomes out of sync with your system.

New Visitors Analytics

Referral SaaSquatch API Webhooks

Evergreen Growth: Customer Referral Programs


[Webinar] Discover Referrals: Marketer’s Edition

Customer referral programs are a powerful growth engine for subscription companies to acquire more profitable, longer lasting, and happier customers.

Top 5 Predictions for Customer Referral Programs in 2014

The rate of evolution of customer referral programs will increase rapidly in 2014. These are my predictions for the top 5 referral program trends in 2014.

Program participant explorer

Active participants are key to the success of your referral program. However, it isn't always easy to track down specific participants when you need to.

Improved Facebook referrals with custom share image

Facebook has been one of the most active channels for referrals of consumer web services. As part of our constant optimizations, we launched Facebook images

Live referral program widget preview

Getting the right look and feel for your referral program has always been important. Now you can preview how your referral program looks with no development

Change personal settings inside the Referral SaaSquatch portal