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Startups and Smooth Scaling

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Businesses, particularly startups, can be pretty unpredictable. You know you have to put together a comprehensive business plan, but it’s vitally important to forecast. These are more than just mere formalities: it is actually expected of you, and crucial for the survival of any business.

For you to be able to take your company’s temperature at any given time and make a move that will either lead to growth and expansion, or a tightening on the reins and resources. This constant adjustment and re-adjustment is called scaling, and it’s something many heads of startups don’t realize they need to do. Some might get on just fine by being aggressively cautious–or just lucky–but the majority of new businesses have some kind of growing pains because of a lack of attention is given to scaling a business.

If this all sounds foreign to you, fear not. Below we’ve included a helpful infographic, provided by, explaining scaling, how it affects businesses, and some ways to scale–either up or down–that are cost-effective and appropriate for the current market.

Give it a look, assess the state of your company, and be ready to do so regularly–it’s always hardest to catch someone off guard who is prepared and aware of his or her surroundings and status at all times.