Add another revenue driving channel

Easily add new revenue-generating channels to increase your company’s bottom line. With the help of SaaSquatch’s detailed analytics, marketers and product managers can continually optimize how different programs are affecting growth and product engagement.

Through our Loyalty Program Software, you can use reward tiers and advanced program logic to engage customers at every lifecycle stage.

Software based on industry-leading experience

SaaSquatch empowers referral and loyalty programs from startups to the Fortune 100. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t and have built a library of growth programs based on those learnings. SaaSquatch’s library is proven to deliver results and increase revenue while being fully customizable.

In-depth reporting and revenue drill down

Prove exactly how much revenue you are driving from each program with in-depth reports and analytics. SaaSquatch’s analytics dashboard shows how much revenue your programs have influenced and which programs are giving your company the best return. 

Security, Privacy and Fraud Protection

Our team is dedicated to keeping your referral, partner and other loyalty program data safe and compliant at all times. SaaSquatch provides:

• Automated program fraud detection and management
• SOC 2, GDPR and EU Privacy Commission compliant
• Secure widgets, emails, and rewards

Support, services, & expertise

SaaSquatch has helped hundreds of companies launch and optimize programs that deliver meaningful ROI. Our support, implementation, and account management teams are all here to help your company get the most out of your loyalty and referral programs.

We help drive ROI for hundreds of the world's leading brands

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