Program logic as unique as your business

Whether you’re trying to increase repeat purchases or want to launch a win back campaign trigged by 72 different pieces of input the SaaSquatch Program Engine lets you (or us) build the perfect business logic for your program.

The perfect message at the right time

The most effective growth programs need to message your customers at the perfect time. Whether you need to send an email at 12:07am on the 3rd Friday of the month or thank a customer right after a purchase the SaaSquatch Program Engine has you covered.

Rewards and offers exactly how you want

Give out custom rewards and offers for individual customers without requiring your development team or creating a list of generic coupon codes that anyone can use.

Setup, Launch and Optimize at the speed of light

Even the most customized Growth Automation Program needs optimizing. The SaaSquatch Program Engine lets your marketing team continual edit program details from the comfort of the SaaSquatch portal. No code required!

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