Companies using loyalty programs to grow

Increase Revenue Per Customer

With SaaSquatch loyalty programs, you can engage with your potential, current and past customers at every stage in their journey. Loyalty programs allow you to build brand trust through referrals or win back lost customers by sending them a custom offer that you know they will love. 

Custom Conversion Events

SaaSquatch Loyalty programs give you full flexibility with custom conversion events. No matter what behavior or action you want to encourage you can create and customize that event to send them the best offer maximizing your conversions. 

Personalize Rewards To Best Engage Your Customers

We know one of marketers top priorities is to understand what their customers will best engage with. With loyalty programs, you can create and send personalized rewards that you know will have the highest engagement with your customers. 

Create Connections With Your Customers To Build Loyalty

SaaSquatch loyalty programs help you establish that positive emotional connection with your customers. Using loyalty programs to establish a connection with your customers is one of the best ways to turn first-time buyers into repeat customers who will be champions of your brand. 

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