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SaaSquatch is leading the charge to help web and mobile app companies acquire more customers and increase lifetime value through referrals, special offers, and incentives. Our team is continually adding programs to the platform that are effective at improving customer acquisition, revenue per customer, lifetime value and customer retention.

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Customer Referral Program

Increase customer-to-customer referrals. Automatically reward both existing customers and newly referred users. Customize the criteria of a successful referral to match your product and business.

Customer Win-Back Program

Bring old customers back to your business to increase lifetime value. Issue time-sensitive special offers to individual users if they haven’t made a purchase within a specific amount of time.

Welcome Offer Program

Acquire new customers faster. Provide custom offers exclusively to only to new customers to accelerate acquisition without losing revenue from existing customers.

VIP Program

Increase revenue and customer engagement. Offer users rewards and special offers for actions such as making purchases, using your product, working gigs or any other action you want.

Profile Completion Program

Get more complete customer data that you can leverage, to make more informed marketing decisions and develop better customer acquisition strategies. Reward users when they complete their profile, however you define complete.

Partner Program

Acquire new customers with the help of channel partners, influencers and affiliates. Issue payouts and offer rewards equal to a percentage of what newly referred customers spend.    

SaaSquatch was able to provide a quick and reliable solution for our member-get-member efforts. Their solution, customer support and anti-fraud features were invaluable to us while deploying the program with quality in a short timeline
Pablo Naze

Product Manager, 99

The Referral SaaSquatch platform helps us harness the power of word-of-mouth in a highly scalable and trackable way.
Pedro Magrico

Director of Marketing, Typeform

The SaaSquatch platform is user-friendly and has all the features necessary to run a referral marketing campaign. We are very satisfied with SaaSquatch’s Success Team, because they gave us very clear instructions about widget implementation, always answered our questions immediately and issues were resolved in no time.
Nika Kramžar

Head of Marketing, Chipolo

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Programs Coming Soon

As SaaSquatch’s library of programs evolves, your power to impact the bottom line is amplified. Below is a list of programs we’re excited to be powering for you shortly.

Birthday Program

Increase customer lifetime value and reward long-time customers for their loyalty to your business, on the most personal day of the year; their birthday.

Anniversary Program

Increase customer lifetime value and reward long-time customers for their loyalty to your business, annually on the milestone of your choice.

Coupon Programs

Create coupon codes and special offer links that give customers custom rates and rewards. Use these codes and links anywhere you like for maximum flexibility.

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