omni-channel growth automation program

Build once, launch everywhere

Say goodbye to fractured and redundant growth programs, with the first omni-channel Growth Automation platform by SaaSquatch. All SaaSquatch growth programs operate synchronously across web, mobile and messaging to provide maximum effectiveness and optimal user experience.

customized growth automation user experience

User experiences that fit your brand and customer

Your brand is essential to connecting with your customers and can’t be sacrificed. SaaSquatch provides the most flexible and customizable end-user experiences. Whether you use our pre-built widgets, email templates or native mobile SDKs you can get the exact look and feel you need.

growth automation email editor

Individualized customer engagements

Addressing your customers by name is a base requirement in digital marketing today. With SaaSquatch Growth Automation you can individualize your growth programs to offer different incentives, messaging and more based on a single customer’s activity, properties and other information. Cut through the noise and connect with your customers.

global growth automation

A global experience for global companies

Digital companies need the power to scale fast and SaaSquatch is ready to help. With the SaaSquatch platform you can launch growth programs around the world without custom development or other costly processes. Let SaaSquatch be your global growth hub.

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