Analytics for the gig and on-demand economy

Quickly visualize, understand, and measure the impact of each program you run for supply and demand-side growth. The SaaSquatch platform offers in-depth analytics that allow you to track what’s working, what’s driving revenue, and where you can offer rewards to increase how often your users engage with your product. From the big picture to individual customers, you can see who has referred who, who’s responsible for the most revenue, and what you can do to incentivize them further.

Seamless integration for user-centric experiences

The SaaSquatch platform seamlessly integrates with your business and technology stack. We know your users expect a flawless experience every time they interact with your product, which is why each interaction with your program is designed to look and feel seamless across all devices. Easily customize the look and feel of your programs so they are consistently on-brand at every touch-point. 

Your solution for supply and demand side growth

Turn your customers’ amazing experiences into a revenue-generating channel. The SaaSquatch platform scales as your referral and loyalty programs grow so you don’t have to worry about bandwidth restrictions or having a program break. Whether you have thousands of users or millions, SaaSquatch provides a frictionless experience that your users will love.

Secure and Compliant

Our team is dedicated to keeping your referral, partner and other loyalty program data safe and compliant at all times. SaaSquatch provides:

• Automated program fraud detection and management
• SOC 2, GDPR and EU Privacy Commission compliant
• Secure widgets, emails, and rewards

SaaSquatch was able to provide a quick and reliable solution for our member-get-member efforts. Their solution, customer support, and anti-fraud features were invaluable to us while deploying the program with quality in a short timeline.
Pablo Naze

Product Manager, 99

World-class support and expertise

SaaSquatch has helped some of the world’s leading on-demand companies launch successful referral and loyalty programs. Our outstanding customer support and technical teams are always available to help you through program design and review calls to make sure you are maximizing your program’s ROI.

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