SaaSquatch Agency Partner Program

Marketing professionals know that referrals are an essential piece of any marketing strategy, especially since the biggest growth opportunities are no longer in traditional channels. SaaSquatch partners help their clients get the most out of referral marketing campaigns and unlock meaningful growth, while expanding their own service offerings to attract and retain accounts.

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As a dedicated SaaSquatch Agency Partner, you will receive benefits such as specialized training for sales and implementation, strategies and tools for targeting and qualifying leads, new client referrals, priority support services, and much more.


Increase client retention rates and attract business with innovative marketing technology.

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Increase revenue opportunities by expanding your service offerings with referral software.

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Create and manage referral marketing campaigns for your clients that deliver growth results.

The Benefits

  • Commission-based revenue sharing on successful implementations
  • Referrals for clients seeking Growth/CRO services
  • Sponsored marketing opportunities, including webinars, hangouts and articles
  • New revenue stream opportunities
  • Access to referral marketing software that establishes innovation

Marketing Support

  • Case studies and customer success examples
  • Joint webinars with SaaSquatch sales and product experts
  • Eligibility for co-marketing efforts with SaaSquatch
  • SaaSquatch-certified partner logo and branding

Dedicated Sales and Customer Support

  • Personalized product sales training
  • White labeled marketing tools to help you sell
  • Priority customer support and dedicated agency contacts
  • Implementation training and access to SaaSquatch success team services

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