The SaaSquatch Program Library

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Customer lifecycle growth marketing

A Program for Everything

The SaaSquatch Program Library is filled with loyalty, growth and referral program templates accessible right within the platform. But, unlike in-house solutions or other products, the library never stops growing. Best of all, it's included in your subscription.

Our Most Popular Programs

Regional Offers

Expanding into a new Country, State or City? Exclusively incentivize new users from your target area and accelerate your expansion.

Win-Back Offers

Sometimes past customers need a reminder of why they loved you. Reactivate only your best customers with secure, unique offers.

Frequent Shopper Rewards

Whether you're trying to activate new customers or keep existing ones coming back, nothing says thank you like a reward for repeat purchasing.

Special Event Offers

Increase sales during the holidays or any special event with unique and exclusive incentives. Extend offers to only new, existing or custom segmented users.

Birthdays and Anniversaries

Everyone loves a party, especially on their special days. Show your customers you care with time-limited individual rewards and special offers.

VIP Rewards

Your best customers deserve to be treated well. Whether it's all about dollars spent, product usage or a unique metric, automatically reward your VIPs.

Influencer Program

Get influencers talking about your product and automatically reward them for every dollar earned, user registered or custom action taken based on their recommendations.

Partner Program

Recruit and reward a network of partners. Automatically payout for only the revenue generated with percentage commission, flat value or custom rewards.

Customer Referrals

Customer referrals are the most trusted form of marketing. Reward your customers for referring new customers and watch your sales climb.

SaaSquatch was able to provide a quick and reliable solution. Their solution, customer support and anti-fraud features were invaluable to us while deploying the program with quality in a short timeline



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