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Keep your data and customers secure

SaaSquatch handles customer data with the highest degree of care. Our Mobile, Web and API integrations are encrypted to protect data in transit. SaaSquatch complies with applicable North American and EU security and privacy requirements to protect your data.

Automatically detect and prevent fraud

Automatically detect and prevent fraud

The SaaSquatch platform monitors users engaging with your growth programs 24/7. If fraudulent activity is detected the SaaSquatch security system prevents rewards from being earned until they have been manually reviewed. SaaSquatch’s fraud prevention algorithms are constantly updated so you can focus on growth, not security.

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System stability trusted by fortune 500 companies

SaaSquatch partners with the world’s leading technology vendors to ensure the SaaSquatch platform performs under the highest volumes of traffic, even during the busiest times of the year. SaaSquatch is committed to the highest uptime rating and transparency.

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Block, suspend and revoke with the click of a button

Managing potential fraud with SaaSquatch is simple. Whether you want to block a user from participating in your programs, revoke a reward that was incorrectly earned or suspend all activity from a specific IP address, it’s all possible with the click of a button.

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