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The perfect program for every part of the customer lifecycle

Whether you’re launching in a new city, wanting to reward your highest value customers or re-activating users, SaaSquatch provides the perfect program for your growth automation needs.

Segments users based on revenue, not just email opens

Identify and engage your users in the right growth program based on the data that really drives your business. Segment on purchase behaviour, historical spending, app usage and much more so you can grow revenue, not just email engagement.


Automated, secure and seamless special offer fulfillment

Don’t let your growth marketing programs be limited by how your billing or coupon system works. SaaSquatch takes care of it all, fulfilling special offers and rewards in your system so you can focus on growing.

Seamlessly track, engage and reward users across all channels

Launch multi-channel growth programs that work across web, mobile, and email, all with the click of a button and no custom development. Beat your competitors by increasing your speed of innovation.

Data, analytics and insights that all point to lifetime value

Growth marketing is all about growing revenue. SaaSquatch analytics and reporting show you which growth programs are increasing revenue and their impact on top line revenue.

Stop offer fraud with individual offers

Say goodbye to blast offers and generally available coupon codes. SaaSquatch automatically extends unique special offers to individual customers to stop deal hunters from cannibalizing your revenue and abusing your growth programs.

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