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See how the world’s most innovative brands use SaaSquatch

Used by B2C and B2B brands, SaaSquatch delivers the advanced rewards programs you’re looking for.

RingCentral increased the scale and efficiency of their referral program

After running a customer referral program for a few years, RingCentral quickly recognized the need for further program flexibility at scale, requiring advanced capabilities and integrations. Teaming up with SaaSquatch meant RingCentral could bring their program visions to life.

Referral and Reward Programs with Real Results

Flytographer Case Study

$1.2 Million in Word-of-Mouth Revenue

Industry: Travel
Program Type: Referral

Learn how Flytographer earned over $1.2M in Revenue with their double-sided referral program.

RealtyNinja Case Study

2x Higher Conversion Rates

Industry: B2C SaaS
Program Type: Referral

Learn how Realty Ninja's referral program converts at double the rate compared to paid search ads and free trials.

Habito Case Study

45% Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

Industry: FinTech
Program Type: Referral

Learn how Habito's referral program produces new customers for 45% less than other channels.

Jobber Case Study

18% Higher Average Selling Price

Industry: B2B SaaS
Program Type: Referral

Learn how Jobber's referred customers have an 18.15% higher average selling price than non-referred customers.

AdZooma Case Study

48% More Referral Conversions

Industry: B2B SaaS + Marketplace
Program Type: Referral

Learn how AdZooma increased their referral conversion rate by 48% with SaaSquatch.

PensionBee Case Study

5X More Customer Referrals

Industry: FinTech
Program Type: Referral

Learn how PensionBee got 5x more referrals when they switched to SaaSquatch for their referral marketing solution.

TeachStarter Case Study

23% increase in new-user growth

Industry: B2C SaaS
Program Type: Referral

Learn how TeachStarter increased their software subscriptions by 23% with referrals.

TypeForm Case Study

10% Annual Paid User Growth

Industry: B2B SaaS
Program Type: Referral

Learn how TypeFrom increased their annual paid subscriptions by 10% with their referral program.

99 Case Study

5% Daily New User Growth

Industry: OnDemand
Program Type: Referral

Learn how 99 drives an average of 5% of their daily new user growth through referrals.


Thanks to SaaSquatch we’ve rolled out a high-impact, automated, low-friction referral program that has driven over 2,500 new customers to Flytographer and brought in over $1.2 million in word-of-mouth sales.

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Meg Wilson

Marketing Specialist at Flytographer

The SaaSquatch platform is user-friendly and has all the features necessary to run a referral marketing campaign. We are very satisfied with SaaSquatch’s Success Team, because they gave us very clear instructions about widget implementation, always answered our questions immediately and issues were resolved in no time.

Nika Kramžar

Head of Marketing at Chipolo

SaaSquatch gathers together all the essential pieces of a referral marketing strategy. Integrations, theme editing, easy reporting and great customer service make this one of the best tools on the market today.

Casey Rovinelli

Marketing Executive at Unblock-Us

SaaSquatch allowed us to implement a robust, double-sided, referral system that saved us time as we didn’t need to build or test something ourselves. Having their team jump in and help out with integration to meet a tight timeline was incredible.

Sean Washington

Lead Developer at Octopus Creative

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