Get more recurring revenue

When customer retention is key to driving profit, you can’t afford to only acquire users who drop off after their first payment. Take advantage of digital customer touchpoints and launch rewards programs that increase product usage and new feature adoption. An engaged and experienced user base is one that understands your value proposition and can communicate it to others, while increasing their own investment with your brand.

Your solution for scalable growth

Make it easy for customers to share your brand with others through social media, custom links and codes, and email. Whether they’re using your website or mobile app, consistent user growth comes as a result of equipping satisfied customers with simple methods to share. Whether you have thousands of users or millions, SaaSquatch provides a frictionless experience built for your unique customer base.

B2B SaaS: Reward at the right place and right time

When your sales cycle involves more than a few clicks, and more than one person is involved in the purchase decision, SaaSquatch lets you create multi-objective referral programs that keep customers and advocates engaged throughout the entire process. Be confident that you’re motivating the right users with the best rewards to never miss an opportunity for growth.

Continue to successfully activate and onboard new accounts and keep them engaged with a lifecycle approach to loyalty rewards. Encourage optimal customer behavior to increase product usage, promote new features, build closer relationships, and collect valuable insights that drive your brand forward.

B2B SaaS Growth Story: Adzooma

Adzooma, a leading pay-per-click management platform for Google, Facebook, and Microsoft ads, partnered with SaaSquatch to launch a referral program. By automatically rewarding customers who invite others to sign up for their platform, Adzooma generates 48% more conversions through their referral channel and 15% higher user engagement.

B2C SaaS: Consistent engagement to fuel growth

There’s no need to choose between acquiring and retaining customers. Turn more users into long-time, paying subscribers by leveraging customer data to personalize offerings, suggest relevant subscription plans, and drive investment in the product. Reward users for incorporating your product into their routine and turning it into an irreplaceable habit.

Stay on your growth trajectory and equip your loyal users with custom codes and links to share with their networks, with no need for them to navigate away from your application. Recommendations from close contacts paired with an incentive to complete the signup process creates unlimited potential for growth.

B2C SaaS Growth Story: RealtyNinja

RealtyNinja offers everything a REALTOR® needs to build a beautiful, user-friendly website to help grow their business. By automatically rewarding real estate agents who invite fellow REALTORS® to build a website on their easy-to-use platform, RealtyNinja acquires new users at 2x the conversion rate when compared to paid search ads and free trials, and generates 16% of new users from referrals.

The SaaSquatch platform helps us harness the power of word-of-mouth in a highly scalable and trackable way.
Pedro Magrico

Director of Marketing, Typeform

SaaSquatch provides our loyal users with a quick and convenient way to earn rewards right from the Adzooma interface. Since launching, we've been able to capitalize on this new acquisition channel, increase our reach, and introduce new customers to Adzooma. We're seeing bigger and bigger volumes of demand each month, plus a 48% increase in conversion rates through our referral channel.
Sergei Danilov

Partnerships Manager, Adzooma

At Jobber, we strive to provide world-class customer service, and look for that quality in the vendors we work with as well. Working with SaaSquatch feels like working with our own internal team—we’re all collaborating to achieve the same goal. We’re confident that the SaaSquatch team and platform will continue to help us scale and grow.


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