Modern Loyalty for Modern E-Commerce

The way your customers shop has changed, shouldn't your loyalty program?

Build customer loyalty and increase revenue per user

Surprise and delight your customers with rewards to thank them for their loyalty and give them a reason to come back. Personalize rewards based on purchase behavior and frequency to boost the lifetime value of every customer.

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Rekindle past customer relationships

It’s 5-25 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain or win back an existing one. Create individualized reactivation programs based on your customers’ past usage and purchase behavior. Deliver a strong return on investment by only targeting your best users and never let another customer slip away again.


Automate your growth with closed-loop demand generation

If your demand generation strategy ends once the sale is made, you’re missing out on additional revenue. In the digital age, growth doesn’t need to be a linear process. Turn your customers into loyal advocates for your brand, and enable them to refer even more new customers to your website.


Launch program in minutes, not months

Hit the ground running and launch new revenue-driving programs in minutes. Use our growing library of pre-buiilt loyalty programs to start offering Win-Back, Birthday, VIP, Frequent Shopper rewards and more so you can drive customer spending and engagement faster than ever before.

SaaSquatch provides our loyal users with a quick and convenient way to earn rewards right from the Adzooma interface. Since launching, we've been able to capitalize on this new acquisition channel, increase our reach, and introduce new customers to Adzooma. We're seeing bigger and bigger volumes of demand each month, plus a 48% increase in conversion rates through our referral channel.

Sergei Danilov

Partnerships Manager, Adzooma

Secure and Compliant

Our team is dedicated to keeping your referral, partner and other loyalty program data safe and compliant at all times. SaaSquatch provides:

• Automated program fraud detection and management
• SOC 2, GDPR and EU Privacy Commission compliant
• Secure widgets, emails, and rewards

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