Build winning marketing programs for your ecommerce brand

Run scalable, flexible and fully-automated referral promotions on your ecommerce store or website using our powerful platform.

Maximize your growth potential with referral marketing

Unlock the full potential of your ecommerce brand with our flexible referral marketing software. Transform your delighted customers into powerful advocates, amplifying your brand's reach and impact with every recommendation.

Set-up automated programs quickly and easily
Embed your program where you'll get the most engagement
Build on-brand, intuitive, and fun experiences for your shoppers
Reward with any point system, currency, gift, or custom offer

How it Works

Here's how marketers use SaaSquatch to transform their one-time shoppers into lifelong advocates:


Design and build your program structure

Pick who you want to reward and what action you are incentivizing. Sweeten the deal and add recurring rewards, tiered rewards and time-based offers.


Select the right reward incentives

Choose from our complete list of reward options. From dollar credit, to giftcards and even custom rewards, we have plenty of options to choose from.


Build a fun, on-brand participant experience

Use our builder to create a seamless on-brand experience. Encourage participation and add elements like leaderboards and social share buttons


Embed your program where it counts

Embed your program at key touchpoints to maximize engagement. From a landing page on your website to the post-purchase flow or even in your mobile!


Spread the word about your program

We integrate with your existing business tools and systems so you can run top-notch promo campaigns using program assets like referral codes and links.


Track, monitor and adjust your program as needed

Pull reports directly from our analytics dashboard to measure the performance of your programs. Monitor engagement, revenue generated and more.

Our company switched from an in-house referral program to SaaSquatch because it's extremely easy to use. We (Marketing) don't need help from our Product team if we want to change our referral prize or in-app widget. The Customer Experience Team is also phenomenal! They were there every step of the way to help during implementation and beyond. Special S/O to Alex H for being awesome."



Flexible solution for gamechanging ecommerce referral programs

Finding the right solution for your customer marketing strategy can be tough. Here are a few reasons why ecommerce brands choose SaaSquatch for their referral programs:

Top Features:

Intuitive, fun and on-brand participant experiences

Highly customizable and configurable

Reward with any point system, currency, gift or custom reward

Segment participants and offer personalized experiences

Flexible placements: Embed programs at key touchpoints

Best in-class implementation and support team

Gamification functionality through reward tiers, leaderboards, etc.

Comprehensive performance insights

Offer various levels of participant access: Login-free to sign-in/up

Create beautiful programs that are intuitive and fun to use.

Like any great engagement program, if you can make it intuitive and fun to use, you've got yourself a winner!

SaaSquatch makes it easy for your audiences to find and track the status of their activity and the status of their referrals through customized widgets that can be embedded at key touchpoints.


Get customers for 45% less than paid ads. Learn how:

Integrate with your ecommerce marketing and business systems


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