SaaSquatch hits the sweet spot. Their platform offers everything we need. Implementation was quick and it has been key in the growth of our business over the past year.
Ben Friedman

Head of Operations at All Set

Acquire new buyers and sellers

Marketplaces require careful growth of both buyers and sellers in order to succeed. SaaSquatch is the first marketing platform that gives you the tools to grow all sides of your marketplace in one product. Whether you want to offer signup credit to new buyers or payout bonuses for active sellers, SaaSquatch has you covered.

Build customer loyalty, increase revenue per user

Customer loyalty is key to the success of every marketplace. Encouraging loyalty no longer requires custom development with SaaSquatch. Surprise and delight your customers with rewards thanking them for their loyalty and reminding them to come back.

Rekindle past customer relationships

Every customer counts when growing a marketplace. Create individualized reactivation programs based on your customers’ past usage and purchase behaviour. Deliver strong return on investment by only targeting higher value customers. Never let another customer quietly slip away again.

Key Features for Online Marketplaces

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