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10 Growth Hacker Quotes

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We all think about growth. We sit at the intersection of our product, our marketing and our data. Thinking about how we can grow.

Growth comes from a creative and scientific skillset that isn’t easily taught. So where do we go to learn? Well luckily, there’s a few places online like

There was a recent discussion on what the best one-liners are to describe this new industry. We decided to visualize the very best quotes from that discussion and a few others from around the web.

Now we can share this piece with our friends and co-workers to help define the new growth mindset.

Scroll down to check out our 10 Growth Hacker Quotes!

make stuff people want

engineered marketing optimization

experiment driven growth

growth isn't free

there are no silver bullets

make things worth sharing will

growth doesn't happen in a vacuum

rapid iterative testing

Data, Creativity, Curiosity

retention trumps acquisition


Sean Ellis  – “Experiment Driven Marketing” Tweet this!

Morgan Brown  – “Growth isn’t free, it always has a cost” Tweet this!

Hiten Shah – “Engineered Marketing Optimization” Tweet this!

Will Fraser – “Make things worth sharing” Tweet this!

Katelyn Watson – “Rapid Iterative Marketing” Tweet this!

Aaron Ginn – “Retention trumps acquisition” Tweet this!

Andrew Chen – “Data, Creativity, Curiosity” Tweet this!

Paul Graham – “Make stuff people want” Tweet this!

Ben Horowitz – “There are no silver bullets..” Tweet this!

Carl Grant – “Growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum” Tweet this!


Sean Ellis, Hiten Shah and Katelyn Watson –

Morgan Brown – Squatch Radio Episode 1 *live tomorrow*

Aaron Ginn and Andrew Chen – Slideshare

Carl Grant – Article

Paul Graham – Essays

Ben Horowitz – Lead Bullets