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12 Growth Marketing Articles You Should Know About

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Growth is an industry that's constantly changing.

We need to keep our eyes on new techniques that can help improve our efforts.

In this roundup of articles we learn from some of the best in conversion rate optimization, marketing engineering, virality and email marketing.


1. The Dangers of Data-Driven Marketing

wistia data-driven marketing

In this post Ezra Fishman from Wistia goes over the main differences between data-driven and data-informed marketing strategies. He argues that in the land of data many marketers are becoming too focused on the numbers and should take a more balanced approach to their campaigns.

2. Email Marketing Best Practices: 20 Tips for Dramatically Better Emails

20 tips email marketing vero

This post is all about how a growth marketer should think about email marketing. Jimmy Daly from the Vero team goes over everything from conversion rate optimization and list segmentation to transactional email and referral invites.

3. Mobile Growth Strategies Tools and Tactics

mobile growth best strategies tools and tactics

This presentation goes over the fundamentals of mobile growth and marketing strategies. Including a great case study of the wildly successful app Mailbox and its' invite exclusivity to spur word of mouth growth.

4. Definitive List of Conversion Rate Optimization Tools + Resources

conversion rate optimization techniques

Brian Dean from Backlinko creates a skyscraper resource to compete on organic traffic for conversion rate optimization. This post compiles some of the very best guides for creating funnels and optimizing with copy/design fundamentals.

5. This Startup Built Internal Tools to Fuel Major Growth

percolate noah brier interview

This interview with Noah Brier CEO of Percolate shows us the internal company strategy they used to up-root traditional process and create time-saving tools instead. One example is Barista - a knowledge exchange platform they built to allow any member of the team to ask a question company-wide and it get it routed to the right person via email.

6. Ultimate Guide to Kickstart Your Content Marketing Machine

ultimate guide content marketing machine

This is a rather large guide from Jakob Marovt that goes over the fundamental building blocks of a successful content marketing strategy. It includes how-to guides for everything from industry research (keywords, social traffic and influencers) to content creation(headlines, structure) as well as content promotion tactics.

7. What I Learned the Hard Way Building an E-Commerce Site

Julia Grace Tindie CTO Interview

In this interview Julia Grace from Tindie goes over the crucial factors of combining marketing and engineering talent when building an E-Commerce company. This includes her insight into the value of in-product search and why to avoid mandatory login for checkout.

8. Developing Innovative Content What You Need to Know

interactive image example

This guest post in the Moz community by Richard Baxter talks about why evolution of content marketing and the rise of interactive content. There are some great examples of using simple animations to draw the reader in.

9. 15 Psychological Principles to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

15 psychology studies social marketing

A great post from Kevan Lee and the team at Buffer! This piece goes over the value of understanding behavioral psychology and how it can impact the results of our marketing campaigns. Learning to use the principles of Loss Aversion and Conformity/Social Influence can be essential for a marketer when working on growth.

10. Sean Ellis Interview on the Nick O’Neill Podcast

sean ellis interview

In this interview with Sean Ellis on the Nick O'Neill podcast. Sean goes over the framework he and his team used to grow and a few other learnings he's picked up along the way working with the likes of Dropbox and LogMeIn.

11. 5 Steps for Making B2B Blogs Run Smoothly

5 steps for making a b2b blog run smoothly

In this guest post on the Mention blog, Sean Work of KISSmetrics gives us 5 key aspects to running a successful B2B blog. He goes over the importance of working with influential bloggers and maintaining an editorial calendar. 

12. Every Thing You Need To Know For Building Your Email List

everything you need to know to grow your email list

In another guest post on the Mention blog(Way to go team!) Nate Desmond from goes over the key aspects of building and maintaining an email list. An important part of the article for me is when he breaks down the significance of content personalization for engagement and article-specific bonus content for lead capture.

Hope you enjoyed this months' growth roundup!

Make sure you stop by the blog again for more content on growth and acquisition marketing.