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7 Product Marketing Tactics to Try in 2015

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Product Marketing is constantly changing, you need to keep up with how consumers want to interact with your product. We all know the problems that we face when managing a customer experience that is separated through many different channels.

There are certain tactics we have been using over the years that consumers have grown accustomed to. If you’re looking to improve key areas like activation, retention and referral you can try out these tactics in 2015.

1. The 1-2-3 Onboarding Email – This 1-2-3 layout by Goodreads clearly communicates the actions a user needs to take and can help get users inside the product quicker. The email gives a user an easy and digestible way to get started with their product.



2. The Social Proof Welcome Email – This works if your company has some stats that really showcase the value customers are getting out of your product. Basecamp uses this by telling you about their 1.5 million company subscriber base as a product onboarding strategy.



3. Re-Activation Email – By segmenting your customer emails you’ll be able to create lists of inactive customers that need re-engagement emails. Pinkberry identifies inactive customers and then sends them a targeted limited time offer. Campaigns like these help re-activate lost/inactive customers and can unlock additional revenue for your company.

pinkberry reengagement email


4. Plain Text Founder Email – Many welcome emails are heavy with graphics and feature descriptions. An interesting tactic to try instead or in addition to your welcome email is a personalized plain text email straight from the founder/CEO of your company. This gives the new customer a unique one-to-one interaction with your brand and can help create a lasting business relationship.

groove plain text email


5. Milestone Email – By creating behavioral emails you can reward your customers for their continued use of your product. In this example Canva uses this tactic to celebrate the first 10 designs a user has created on their platform. These tactics can help reinforce the value your product is delivering for the user.

canva milestone email


6. Weekly Digest – Curating a weekly digest of your customers’ activity or interests help keep them engaged with your product or service. In this example Quora sends out a weekly digest that pulls relevant stories for that user based on their interests/location. Personalized recommendation engines like these have helped companies like Netflix and Amazon create amazing user experiences that leads to highly engaged users and customers.

quora weekly digest email

7. Referral Program CTA – In order to improve the performance of referral programs, many teams look to implement call to actions within the main navigation. The LastPass example passively gives users a way to invite their friends to try out the product. This is a great way to drive awareness to the program without disrupting the experience with a pop-up or sliding animation.

One area they can look to improve is telling the user what they can earn for inviting their friends. Many referral call-to-actions directly talk about the potential rewards to get the users’ attention.

lastpass referral program call to action