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The New Referral SaaSquatch Brand and Website

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Today is an exciting day for the Referral SaaSquatch family as we announce some big news: Our brand new look!

Since the beginning, innovation and professionalism have been top priorities at Referral SaaSquatch. We’ve worked hard to continually evolve the SaaSquatch platform to provide new and exciting value, while delivering the highest standard of customer service. We’ve done this because we believe our subscribers deserve it.

As Referral SaaSquatch continues to evolve, we realize that our brand and design have not evolved at the same pace.  As a result, this occasionally leads to a “missing link” situation where the product and customer service seem one step ahead of the brand.

Today, we’re advancing the evolutionary journey by elevating our brand and design to the level of innovation and professionalism we value.

Brand and Design

The primary goal for this project was to better align our brand with Referral SaaSquatch’s personality, values and the quality of the products we offer.

Adopting a West Coast theme was an obvious choice during the creative process. It pays tribute to our headquarters in beautiful Victoria BC. This is evident in the calming green tones and nature elements you’ll see on all company materials.

New Logo

Referral SaaSquatch Logo

New Website

We invite you to take a look around and familiarize yourself with our new look and website.

You will notice right away that we updated the website colors to match the new brand. But, did you encounter a few familiar “SaaSquatches” in the background? We’ve abandoned stock photography for a chance to let you meet the Referral SaaSquatch family.

SaaSquatch Team

There’s More to Come

This year is shaping up to be an exciting one for Referral SaaSquatch, so keep an eye out for more newsworthy developments in the coming months.

Thank you all for your support as we continue this journey. If you have any feedback or questions we’d love to hear from you.