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Introducing: New Customizations for Programs

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Marketers love the ability to personalize each touchpoint of their promotions. And while a special offer is a major contributing factor for a successful promotion, savvy marketers know that the offer alone won’t always drive results.

Why are customizable programs important?

In an ideal world, a marketer would have the ability to customize their promotions based on unique business models or program rules. They would also have access to all kinds of information about the target customer, so they could plan a highly appealing promotion. This might sound obvious, but in reality, most referral and loyalty programs have a fairly limited scope of customization.

But not having the right customer data points, or not having the ability to receive those data points, can really hold you back from achieving a win. Successful referral and loyalty programs depend on those pieces of data, not only for accurate user information, but also for the ability to create conversion points to power growth automation programs.

How SaaSquatch handles customizable programs

Here come the techy bits. We’ve released some new features that have a direct impact on how customer data is received, how those values are calculated, stored, and made visible, and how we can leverage them to add time-based logic functionalities.

Read on for a quick overview of what’s possible with each of these new features. To deep dive into how they can work for your specific program, follow the links below to the SaaSquatch Help Center.

Custom Fields

The SaaSquatch platform supports the ability to accept custom information about each of the users in your programs. These custom fields go above and beyond the minimum required for your program, and can power a wide range of additional functionality. For example, you can leverage SaaSquatch to store more of your customer's information rather than having to extend your CRM integration (think of the time and costs you’ll save!)

Calculated Fields

Related to custom fields are calculated fields. Unlike custom fields, which just record the information you send us, calculated fields allow you to perform different types of calculations with the data you send us, and then store the resulting value as a custom field that’s available on the participant’s profile. Once the calculated field is set up, its value will update dynamically as you send SaaSquatch events that meet your criteria. Calculated field values can be used in setting up your program rules, allowing for a wide range of advanced program logic.

Tracking Windows

Tracking windows allow you to set your referral and loyalty programs to only reward participants during a set window of time. You can use the value from the field to set up program rules that incentivize your participants based on:

  • Recency: Encourage dormant participants to reactivate or make a new purchase
  • Frequency: Incentivize your most frequent customers to keep engaging with your program and services
  • Monetary Value: Reward high spenders for hitting a certain purchase value threshold

We’re excited to roll out this new feature set because we know it will help you take your referral and loyalty programs to the next level.

And as always, if you find yourself stuck or need some help getting started, our Success team is here to help!