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Personalization is a hot topic right now, especially for companies that interact with their customers online or digitally in any way.

Marketing, support, sales and product teams are looking at how personalization can help them achieve their goals. While each department may have different key metrics, they all know that customers prefer to be treated like individuals. This individual treatment helps companies connect more with customers, drive higher return-on-investment (ROI) and increase customer loyalty.

“Personalization is especially important for companies that interact with customers online or digitally”

In fact, one data point from Marketo found that 78.6% of consumers only like to engage with brands using coupons or other offers if they are personalized (source). Additionally, a range of reports are showing double-digit increases in message open rates and click rates when personalization is used.

Now comes the hard part. To really personalize a customer’s experience you need to know more about them, and the best way to learn more is by collecting more complete data. There are two main ways to collect this data: automated tracking, and manual data input.

“78.6% of consumers only like to engage with brands using coupons or other offers if they are personalized” (source

Automated tracking is great for collecting large amounts of data such as product usage, purchase history and behavioral patterns. This data is extremely valuable as it isn’t corrupted by a customers perception and can help you understand customers habits even better than they do. Automated tracking can be performed by third-party tools or built in house at a company.

Manual data solves a key limitation of automatically tracked data, as it lets your customers tell you more about themselves over a series of events. Manual data is best used to collect information such as name, birthday, bio and more. This type of data is the key to the human side of personalization, and what you need to start personalizing content that literally speaks to your customer.

“While marketers see the value of knowing more about their customers, customers don’t always see the value for themselves”

The challenge faced here is that while we want to ask customers for more info, we also want to reduce signup and activation friction. So how can you encourage customers to share this additional information?

At SaaSquatch, we created a new growth automation program to help with this problem. It’s called the “Profile Completion Program” and it incentivizes customers to complete their profile.

With the Profile Completion Program, administrators can configure which customer information is required to be considered a “complete” profile.

Additionally, the exact incentive can be configured and tested so you can find the best incentive for your customers. Like all of our programs, no additional development is required after the initial SaaSquatch installation, so you can get your program up and running right away.

If you want to learn more about the Program, it’s Use Cases and supported rewards, see our success documentation