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New Mobile Features – Deep Linking With Branch Metrics and Responsive Widgets

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Exciting news from Referral SaaSquatch today as we announce our deep linking partnership with Branch Metrics and the release of our new mobile responsive widgets.

Branch Metrics Deep Linking Partnership


Creating experiences where apps can seamlessly work together is more important than ever. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Branch Metrics, a pioneer in contextual deep linking, to make sure our referral programs can deliver the best mobile experience possible.

Driving app growth is at the core of this partnership and our companies want to make customer acquisition easier for mobile apps. Referral SaaSquatch’s intuitive framework for making customer referral programs across mobile, web, and offline channels is strengthened by incorporating Branch Metrics’ deep linking solutions, which provide a more accurate level of attribution and fulfillment.

Branch co-founder Mike Molinet – “We’re excited to partner with Referral SaaSquatch because they complement our contextual deep linking tech with high-quality referral program analytics and a full cross-platform offering.  Now customers can get everything they’ve ever wanted in mobile app referrals without having to build the complex referral infrastructure themselves.”

Additional info can be found on our integration page here.

Mobile Responsive Widgets

With the launch of our responsive mobile widgets you can give your customers an easy to use referral program from inside their favorite device. These new mobile widgets come with all the features you’re looking for in a referral program such as:

  • Identifying Users and Generating Links: If this is the first time a user with the given userId or accountId has been seen when the widget is loaded, their user record, referral code and referral link will be created. If a user record already exists, it will be updated. Read more on identification.
  • Attributing Referrals: If a value is passed in for the referralCode field and this user was not previously referred then a referral will be created. Read more on attribution.
  • Converting Accounts: If the value of accountStatus is updated to PAID then any in-progress referrals will be marked as complete. Read more on conversion.
  • Secure Access: The checksum optional field can be included to turn on Signed Requests and protect against unauthenticated data access.

More responsive widget information can be found here.


Get in touch with us today if you’d like to explore these new features and learn how we can support your referral marketing goals.