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As SaaSquatch leads the charge from referrals to a full customer marketing platform we are excited to be recognized as a leader in Forrester’s “Now Tech: B2B Customer Engagement Marketing”.

SaaSquatch has always focused on how to best serve our customers and maximize their success. Customer engagement marketing is one way that our customers are succeeding and driving business growth. The core of engagement marketing focuses on identifying passionate customers and turning them into champions of your brand.

Customer engagement marketing is particularly powerful because it enables businesses to target and engage their audience at any stage of their buying life cycle. An example of this is the enablement of brands sending their customers an offer which will incentivize them to come back and buy again after a set period of time.

These programs benefit a brands potential and existing customer base through establishing an emotional connection, offering them a reward, or a discount which drives long term business growth. It also helps businesses distance themselves from their competition who, when the sale is complete, do nothing and hope their customers return.

“B2B marketers should use this report to understand the value that they can expect from working with a CEM technology provider and to select one based on size and functionality.”

At SaaSquatch, our main focus is to help companies realize the value of a powerful customer engagement marketing platform. As a result of our efforts to be leaders in the field, we have worked with some of the top brands who leverage SaaSquatch’s ever-growing library of programs to capture the full value of their customers.

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