What works best in referral marketing today?

From social channels and sharing rates to sign-up conversions; marketers have plenty of options to improve their referral marketing statistics.

But why does referral marketing work in the first place?

Because… friends love to share.

Sharing something that we love is something people love to do.

That’s why referral marketing not only works for new customer acquisition, but also creates happy moments for existing customers along the way.

We made a fun infographic all about this, using some of our proprietary referral campaign data from the last month.

Have a look, enjoy the story and feel welcome to share it with your friends!



Brandon Gains Brandon Gains is the VP of Marketing at Referral SaaSquatch. He leads growth initiatives at the company using a mix of content, design and web development campaigns. Brandon also contributes articles to publications like SocialMediaToday, CustomerThink and Business2Community. You can connect with him via email brandon at referralsaasquatch.com or on LinkedIn