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SaaSquatch + AppsFlyer: For Better Mobile Referral Attribution and Analytics

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It’s no secret that customers expect a seamless experience with your brand, whether they’re browsing from a computer or a mobile device. Users will be quick to abandon the signup process if they need to navigate through multiple pages and forms, or remember various codes and links.

When new users are acquired through your referral program, we believe in making the experience as personalized and frictionless as possible, while delivering the attribution data you need to make the best decisions for optimization.

This is why we’re excited to share our partnership and integration with AppsFlyer to help you provide a better user experience, additional attribution, personalization and analytics for your mobile referral programs.

Key SaaSquatch + AppsFlyer Integration Features:

  • Boost conversion rates: Improve all aspects of your mobile app referral experience, including downloading, installing, and sharing.
  • Create a frictionless user experience: Seamlessly direct referred users on mobile devices to download your app.
  • Attribute each mobile referral and signup: Track Referred Users through the app store using AppsFlyer deferred deep linking and attribution data.

Keep reading to learn more about how AppsFlyer improves your mobile referral campaigns, or read our official quickstart guide for the technical details.

What is AppsFlyer?

AppsFlyer, the global attribution and marketing analytics leader, when connected to your mobile app, helps measure what specific marketing campaigns and media sources are driving traffic to your app, and how many users from each channel are converting.

Its OneLink deep linking technology lets you deliver an optimal navigation experience for your mobile users, all while accurately attributing each app install and engagement. OneLink allows you to specify exactly where referred users should be routed to, whether it be the app store, a landing page, or specific content in your mobile app.

What is deep linking? A deep link is simply a link, but designed to direct users to a very specific place on the web or in an application. Mobile deep linking usually means creating links that take users directly to a part of your mobile app in order to create a smoother user experience, such as when a user is referred by a friend.

We are excited to announce our partnership with SaaSquatch. SaaSquatch's integration with AppsFlyer provides additional attribution, personalization for a better user experience, and deeper insights for mobile app referral programs by leveraging our deep-linking solution, OneLink.

Itay Vilenchuck

Senior Technologies Partner Lead, AppsFlyer

How does AppsFlyer improve your mobile referral campaigns?

AppsFlyer leverages its mobile deep linking technology to create seamless journeys and to accurately track and engage your referred customers.

The most common use case is for when you want all newly referred users to sign up through your mobile app, and need a way to attribute each new signup to the person who referred them.

By using the AppsFlyer’s OneLink, when a user on a mobile device clicks their friend’s referral link, you can specify that they are:

a) redirected to the app store to download your app, and
b) presented with the correct screen or CTA within your app.

At the same time, the referring user is properly rewarded when their friend converts due to user details stored in the AppsFlyer deep link.

Without deep linking technology like OneLink, you wouldn’t be able to specify that mobile users be routed to a different location than desktop users. Those on a phone or tablet would land on your website like everyone else, and be encouraged to manually download your app, in which case data about the referral would be lost along the way.

The integration with SaaSquatch works by adding information about the referring user to the AppsFlyer link, and these details can be read across desktop and mobile applications. You can properly direct referred mobile users to download your app without losing any data about them, and who referred them.

Deep links within AppsFlyer can store information about the user such as:

  • What device they are on
  • What link they clicked
  • Where they should be redirected, and more.

Key Benefits of AppsFlyer deep linking

  • Improve conversion rates: Sending referred users to the right place (i.e., app store if on a mobile device) means they are more likely to see your message and convert.
  • Develop accurate attribution: Successfully attribute every referral, no matter what device they’re on.
  • Create a frictionless user experience: Seamlessly engage every referred user, and eliminate complicated signup paths through the app store.
  • Understand user behavior: Use analytics to understand how your conversion rates change whether you deep link users into the app or have them sign up on a webpage.

How do you connect AppsFlyer to SaaSquatch?

We’ve summarized the integration process below, but for complete instructions, please refer to our AppsFlyer Integration QuickStart Guide.

  1. Create an AppsFlyer account: To integrate AppsFlyer with SaaSquatch, you’ll first need to create an AppsFlyer account. You can sign up for free through AppsFlyer, and all that’s required is a valid email account.
  2. Connect your app and create a custom OneLink: In AppsFlyer, configure your custom link and the fields for mobile redirection and deep linking.
  3. Update your app: To access the AppsFlyer deep linking data from within your mobile application you will need to install the AppsFlyer SDK.
  4. Enable AppsFlyer in SaaSquatch: Enable the AppsFlyer integration in your SaaSquatch portal, and paste the short URL for your desired AppsFlyer link.

If you’re ready to level-up your mobile referral campaigns with a better user experience, additional attribution, personalization and analytics, talk to us today about integrating with AppsFlyer.

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