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SaaSquatch Radio Episode 3 – Andrew Torba – CEO of Kuhcoon

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Andrew’s the CEO and Co-Founder of Kuhcoon an ad platform that helps companies manage and optimize their social ads. We talk about the overall trends in the retargeting/native ad industry and the growth strategy for Kuhcoon.

Content Breakdown:

0:00 – Andrews’ Backstory

5:20 – Main problem Kuhcoon is solving.

7:50 – Future of Ad Placement and Management.

8:30 – Kuhcoon and Programmatic Ad Optimization.

15:47 – Growth Strategy for Kuhcoon.

19:55 – Blogging With Medium.

23:03 – Value of a non-technical founder.

23:42 – Dedication to customer service and user feedback.

29:12 – Andrews’ advice to entrepreneurs.


Essential Quotes

“A lot of re-targeting companies will bake in the cost of their service into the cost of your campaigns.” Tweet this!

“I write about things that are powerful and will make a connection with people.” Tweet this!

“Every piece of writing is a piece of your soul.” Tweet this!

“At the end of the day it’s all about storytelling.” Tweet this!

“It’s about telling your story and being authentic about it.” Tweet this!

“Show the human side of your brand in your content.” Tweet this!

“Dedication to fast, friendly and focused customer service.” Tweet this!

“It’s hard for people to separate the emotional element they have with their product.” Tweet this!


Andrews’ Advice to Entrepreneurs

“You need to have tenacity and the ability to keep going despite all odds. The road of entrepreneurship is always going to be filled with ups and downs. The entrepreneur that has the persistence and the tenacity to get through both the good times and the bad will succeed.”