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SaaSquatch Radio Episode 4 – Casey Armstrong – Full Stack Marketing

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Casey is an online entrepreneur. He takes a holistic approach to marketing, product and data. He’s been able to grow companies like MavenLink and Pantheon. As well as market books like The Lean Entrepreneur.

Content Breakdown

0:30 – Introduction

2:10 – Full Stack Marketing

3:44 – T-Shaped Marketing Funnel

5:30 – Using Twitter Ads and Conference Hashtags to Reach Your Target Market

7:10 – Onboarding Tactics and Leaky Funnel Problems

8:50 – Getting Users to Their ‘Aha’ Moment to Create Word-of-Mouth Virality

9:30 – Creating Human Interaction Inside Your Product

10:20 – How to Target Your Competitors’ Customers

13:25 – Takeaways – Get Out There and Do It!


Essential Quotes

“Get your users to the ‘Aha’ moment right away.” Tweet this!

“Take advantage of marketing channels your competitors’ aren’t using.” Tweet this!

“Find ways to engage with your competitors’ customers.” Tweet this!


Tools to Check-Out

Twitter Ads – Social advertising platform for twitter.

Qualaroo – Product for gathering qualitative feedback from users.

Zillabyte – Platform for data analysis.

BuiltWith – Tool for finding out what technologies websites are using.