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SaaSquatch Radio Episode 5 – Ryan Delk – Growth Lead at Gumroad

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Ryan paved his own way to get involved with startups and growth marketing. He’s worked all over the world including Nairobi, New York and San Francisco. Learn more about his startup journey and his approach to growing Gumroad.

Content Breakdown

0:30 – Introduction

3:50 – Working at iHub in Nairobi, Kenya

5:00 – Leaving Square to Join Gumroad

5:40 – What is Gumroad?

9:40 – Initial Traction for Gumroad

11:26 – Add Value Before You Ask For Value – Chris Sacca

12:53 – Its Importance for Relationship-Based Selling

14:30 – Building Trust and Reciprocal Behavior

17:20 – Gumroad Resource Center

19:10 – Early Days and Maintaining Company Culture

23:20 – Typical Day in the Life

25:00 – Final Thoughts

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Essential Quotes

“Distribution for creators is broken.” Tweet this!

“We help creators focus on doing what they love.” Tweet this!

“We’re democratizing the way people sell things online.” Tweet this!

“Diplo was our first big indie artist that helped establish our credibility.” Tweet this!

“Add Value, Before You Ask For Value.” Tweet this!

“Go that extra mile for your potential customers.” Tweet this!

“You don’t have to have a massive team to impact 10s or 100s of millions of people.” Tweet this!

Bonus Interview – Foundation with Chris Sacca

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