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SaaSquatchRadio Episode 1 – Morgan Brown – Head of Growth at Qualaroo

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Morgan Brown is a growth guy. He’s been working with startups for years and understands how valuable it is to work at the intersection of marketing, product and data. By meshing his creativity and experimentation he’s been able to unlock growth for companies like ScoreBig and Qualaroo among many others.

Content Breakdown:

0:00 – Intro

0:45 – Favorite aspects of working for a startup

2:15 – What problem is Qualaroo trying to solve?

3:01 – HotelTonight Optimization Example

6:13 – NPS Surveying

11:00 – Importance of Qualitative Testing – Getting feedback from the right people. Sign-up funnel optimization.

14:00 – Morgans’ CRO Stack and why you should tie A/B testing to your ultimate business goals.

18:50 – HubSpot and how free tools are a growing trend in content marketing.

23:09 – Airbnb Case Study on and the Professional Photos Experiment.

28:30 – Problems with growth as an industry and the perception that growth is free.

30:06 – ScoreBig customer referral program optimization example.

40:22 – Conference in London Oct 28 – Speaker Lineup.


Key insights:

HubSpot – Develop free tools that supports the value proposition of your main product, but doesn’t cannibalize the target customers’ purchasing decision.
HotelTonight – Talk to your users and understand why they are using your service over your competition, then shift your efforts to target that behavior.
Airbnb – Look at trends in your usage data and find lean growth experiments you can implement that have the potential to create exponential growth.


Essential Quotes

“Growth isn’t free, it always has a cost” Tweet this!

“Get an idea out there, get adoption and help that idea grow” Tweet this!

“Get feedback from your qualified no’s” Tweet this!

“What almost stopped you from signing up today?” Tweet this!


Morgans’ CRO Stack

Optimizely – For webpage multivariate testing.
Qualaroo – For on-page surveying and product feedback.
Unbounce – For landing page hosting and optimization.


Morgan works at Qualaroo

A marketing software company that creates solutions to help companies harness web visitor intent to drive more conversions.