Over the past 12 months, we have seen 23% of all new subscribers come directly from customer referrals through SaaSquatch. Our customers are now being rewarded and our team couldn't be happier. It's a win-win!
Scott Tonges

Owner, Teach Starter

Land and expand, city-by-city, customer-by-customer

Each region and customer you serve is unique. Create individual growth programs for each country, city or neighbourhood you operate in. Whether you are launching in a new area or expanding your existing customer base, regional offers can help.

Accelerate activation and make more, happy customers

A new sign-up for your service is just the start. Help customers experience the full value of your service faster with the SaaSquatch platform. Provide unique introductory offers, repeat purchase rewards programs, loyalty programs that encourage product exploration and more.

Create longer lasting customer relationships

It’s more important than ever to create longer lasting relationships with your customers. Amplify these relationships by creating programs that surprise and delight, with rewards thanking them for their loyalty. Design growth programs that individually engage customers at different points in their journey to extend customer lifetime.

More purchases, more often

When you design campaigns for your “average” user, you create average campaigns. Create best-in-class growth programs that know how to best encourage customer to come back again and again. Segment users based on location, history and individual characteristics and see the results grow.

Key Features for On Demand Services

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