Best in class companies use win back partners to increase revenue and fight churn

Increase Revenue by Winning Back Lost Customers

Customers who have stopped spending are often one offer or promotion away from coming back. Win Back programs allow you to target lost and stagnant customers by sending them personalized incentives to come back to your brand.  

Reduce Customer Churn

Win Back programs are one of the most effective tools for fighting churn. Send users custom rewards or incentives if they haven’t taken a specific action, like booking a room, or spending within three months, to get them to come back and complete that action.

Increase Customer Spending frequency

It’s always easier to sell to a customer who has bought from you before. Every time you send a specialized offer to a customer who has not purchased in a set period of time or has churned, you give them another reason to spend. These targeted incentives keep your customers coming back, increasing their spending frequency.

Promote New Services

Win Back programs allow you to promote exciting new features or services to customers who may have left your brand or have not spent in a while. Pinpoint these customers with individualized rewards and discounts so they can capitalize on your new feature release, increasing your revenue.

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