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2019 Guide to Customer Referral Programs

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“I want to run an amazing customer referral program like Uber’s” – Everyone

I’ve heard this comment, or some variation, from an unbelievable number of marketers, product managers and executives.

We know that customer referral programs have rocket shipped the growth of billion-dollar companies while saving millions on advertising and increasing customer loyalty. Simply, if you don’t have this sorted you’re not growing as fast as you should be.

However, the majority of us haven’t been able to launch a successful customer referral program.

What do we do about it? 

As teams are planning for 2019 I wanted to give SaaSquatch readers a sneak peek at the new and improved 2019 guide to customer referrals. In this guide, we’ve shared the biggest tips, tricks and gotchas you need to know to emulate the best customer referral programs.

You will learn about:
– Just what referral marketing is?
– How to effectively target users
– Picking the best referral rewards
– Designing high converting user experiences
– Promotional tactics to increase participation

Download the Complete 2019 Guide to Referral Marketing Here