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The SaaSquatch Guide to Growth Automation

Introducing the SaaSquatch guide to growth automation. Much like growth marketing, growth automation takes a holistic view of the customer relationship that

15 Growth Automation Statistics You Need to Know

Today, we’re going to look at 15 growth automation statistics that prove this point. Growth automation, like its cousins growth hacking and growth marketing

7 Mobile Marketing Techniques for the Travel Industry

Growth Hacking vs. Growth Marketing

the differences between growth hacking and growth marketing. These terms have been floating around for some time now, and since both are effective ...

12 Terms You Should Know About Growth Automation

today I’m bringing you 12 key growth automation terms you need to know to start extending customer lifetime value this year. If you’re thinking of ...

Growth Automation and the Inevitable Journey that Got Us Here

The marketing technology stack continues to give a cluttered view of the customer and highlights the need for a stronger growth automation journey.

17 Surprising Referral Marketing Statistics

Here are the 17 referral marketing statistics you need to build the business case for your referral program and get the buy-in you need.
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13 Winning Customer Acquisition Examples

From retail to software, these brands know how to win new customers. Check out their customer acquisition strategies for inspiration!

7 Ways to Drive E-Commerce Referrals

As our ecommerce referral marketing strategies advance and the customer journey demands rewarding brand experiences, companies are using multichannel ...

9 Key Customer Lifecycle Stats for 2017

We’re going to examine how you can fuse marketing and customer lifecycle stats for 2017 to make sure you’re focusing on the 20% who make these stats a ...