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29 Digital Marketing Statistics for 2017

These 29 digital marketing statistics 2017 are essential for marketers to keep up with the fast-paced digital marketing industry with social commerce and ...

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The New Referral SaaSquatch Brand and Website

Referral SaaSquatch has released a brand new website and logo! Come take a look and learn how this evolutionary step took place.

Calculating Churn Rate and 12 Customer Churn Statistics

Help you learn more about what churn rate is, calculating churn rate, and several churn statistics that will help you design a better customer experience.

Reviewed: Top 10 Customer Experience Software Platforms

Gartner reports that 89% of marketers expect customer experience software to be their primary differentiator this year. We all want our customers to get ..

Top 10 Marketing Automation Platform Reviews

I’ve sourced the top marketing automation platform reviews and testimonials to give you the insight into which digital marketing hub is right for your ...

Reviewed: Top 10 Business Intelligence Software Platforms

Business intelligence software platforms allow us to make sense of huge volumes of data. And from all that nondescript data comes something meaningful.

What is Coupon Management?

They’re driving engagement, increasing loyalty, and improving revenue with online coupon management software. Rather than competing for bottom-dollar ...

What is Social Commerce – Our Collection of Trends, Statistics, and Examples

Discover Social Commerce: A guide to trends, statistics, and examples. Enhance your digital shopping experience today

How to Use Browser Push Notifications to Grow E-Commerce Sales and ROI

Love it or hate it, push notification marketing has slowly emerged as a key tool for e-commerce brands to connect with both website and app user...