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It’s here! The Powerful, Easy-to-Use SaaSquatch x HubSpot Integration

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It’s here! Introducing SaaSquatch x HubSpot Referral Integration

SaaSquatch integrates with your marketing stack so you don’t need to change the way you work.

Our growing library of integrations helps you do even more, and our new HubSpot integration lets you easily track, manage and reward your program's participants right from the CRM platform you already use.

If you already use HubSpot, you know how the wide range of tools and features like email marketing, social media management, lead generation, and analytics all in one place makes it easy to manage and optimize marketing campaigns.

To make your CRM and referral software work better together, the SaaSquatch x HubSpot integration lets you trigger rewards, sync data between platforms, and send personalized emails, all through your HubSpot dashboard. Plus, it helps you keep customer records up-to-date with important referral information that drives your marketing strategies.

Continue reading to discover how the SaaSquatch x HubSpot referral integration can streamline your referral marketing program, and refer to our documentation for installation details.



What can you do with the SaaSquatch x HubSpot referral integration?

Add referral links and codes to your HubSpot emails


Keep your branding consistent and send personalized referral program emails right from HubSpot with templates you already use. Send periodic or automated reminder emails and include each customer’s unique referral link or code as an encouragement to participate and earn rewards. This lets your customers easily share your product or service with their network, increasing your opportunities to acquire new leads at a low cost.

Plus, when you can schedule emails ahead of time in HubSpot, you’ll never miss an important window to promote your program, and your word-of-mouth acquisition channel will be constantly filling the funnel.

Trigger rewards based on changes to HubSpot deal stages

If you're looking to incentivize customers to close deals faster or drive more referrals, you can use HubSpot deal stages to trigger rewards in SaaSquatch. For example, you could offer a discount or other incentive to both the referrer and the referred user when a deal status changes from “Contract Sent” to "Closed Won." That event is sent to SaaSquatch which triggers the program to automatically send out rewards. This way, you can encourage customers to complete their purchases and generate more revenue for your business. The process is simple to set up and can be tailored to your specific needs and goals. It’s especially useful in B2B referral programs where you reward users for sending a qualified lead to your sales team.

Keep track of every referral, right in HubSpot

With the HubSpot referral integration, you can easily monitor your referral campaigns in one place. SaaSquatch program participant data is mapped and synced to contacts in HubSpot, which attaches important data like referral codes, links, and referred-by data on the contact record in HubSpot so you can get a complete picture within your CRM platform. This real-time visibility allows you to track the progress of each referral, and use data to inform important marketing decisions and identify your top advocates.

You can automatically track referrals through HubSpot lead forms, or allow your sales team to manually link new leads to the referrers without having to leave HubSpot. This functionality helps streamline the referral tracking process and simplifies communication between your sales and marketing teams.

How the integration works

Our native HubSpot referral integration lets you automatically share information between SaaSquatch and your HubSpot Sales and Marketing Hubs. Once set up, HubSpot and SaaSquatch can share important details about referrals, contacts, and deal stages, making it easier to track and manage your referral marketing campaigns. Plus, it's easy to create a HubSpot lead collection form that sends referral data to SaaSquatch.

For details and instructions on linking SaaSquatch to HubSpot, setting up the integration, and syncing your data, view our official documentation or speak with your account manager today.

Ready to power your SaaSquatch referral programs with HubSpot?

By connecting your SaaSquatch participants to contacts in HubSpot, you’ll be able to run powerful customer marketing programs that reward behaviors tied to your sales process and get started with effective referral marketing.

Read our technical documentation for everything you need to know about using the integration or get in touch with us to explore what SaaSquatch referral and loyalty programs can do for your business.