Advocacy and customer marketing have become hot topics in the modern marketing world, and for good reason! The brands that get ahead in competitive industries are the ones that purposefully build and leverage the advocacy and loyalty of their customers, prospects, partners, and supporters to drive new and repeat business.

Join host Will Fraser, SaaSquatch Co-Founder and CEO, as we go behind the scenes with marketing experts across industries to uncover the best insights and strategies when it comes to engaging your audience and building advocacy.


Episode 13: What's Next in Customer Advocacy?

With the founders at Captivate Collective, Deena Zenyk and Liz Richardson.

As customer marketing and advocacy initiatives gain more attention and discussion across industries, you might be wondering – What’s next in customer advocacy? To help us dig into the past, present, and future of customer marketing, we’re thrilled to welcome two very special guests to Episode 13 of The Advocacy Channel. Deena and Liz are the founders of Captivate Collective, an advocacy agency that works with large companies like Adobe, Sage, and Amplitude to build their customer advocacy programs and strategies. Tune in as Deena, Liz, and host Will Fraser share advice on how to get started with your own advocacy program, how to evolve your strategy after you’ve launched your first program, and what’s next in customer advocacy.

Episode 12

How Adobe's Marketo Engage Maintained Their Community Through a Merger and Acquisition

How does a customer marketer at a leading multimedia software company build brand advocates, and drive loyalty, retention, and ongoing demand? Hear it straight from the source as we welcome Kevin Lau, the former Global Head of Customer Advocacy at Adobe’s Marketo Engage to episode 12.

Episode 11

How to Develop Advocates from the Beginning of the Customer Journey with Leslie Barrett

Welcome to Episode 11 with guest Leslie Barrett from Sendoso. In this episode, learn about her journey to becoming an award-winning customer marketer, her approach to developing advocates from the beginning of the customer journey, and the important lessons she’s learned along the way.

Episode 10

How to Identify When a Customer is Ready to Join Your Advocacy Program with Pablo Fernandes

How do you know it’s the right time to start a customer advocacy program? How can you tell if a customer is ready to participate? What can you learn when asking them to join your program? To help answer these questions, we welcome a seasoned customer advocacy expert, Pablo Fernandes.

Episode 9

The Importance of Authentic Customer Stories & How to Collect Them with Lauren Locke-Paddon

In this ninth episode, join host Will Fraser as he and Lauren dig into the importance of authentic customer stories, how customer success and marketing can work together on customer advocacy initiatives, how to get started on building your library of customer stories, and much more!

Episode 8

Important Lessons in Customer Marketing with Advocacy Expert Scott K. Wilder

In this episode Will and Scott discuss the importance of coordination between teams to drive customer centricity, how to leverage a product approach to customer marketing, and how customer advocacy doesn’t only include the customer, but also involves your employees.

Episode 7

How to Build a Successful & Engaging Customer Feedback Program with Ozkan Demir

In this episode guest Ozkan Demir, the CEO and Co-Founder of Pisano, helps us uncover what feedback loops are, how to collect the best feedback from your customers, and how to actually use that feedback to build stronger, more profitable relationships with them.

Episode 6

Fiverr's unique approach to building genuine customer connections with Trisha Diamond

In our first episode of 2022, Trisha Diamond, Director of Customer Success at Fiverr, shares her unique approach to building genuine customer connections. Plus, we get an inside look at how she built Fiverr’s CS department from the ground up.

Episode 5

How to get company buy-in for your customer advocacy program with expert Jon Ashley

In our final episode of 2021, Jon Ashley and host Will Fraser break down how you can get company buy-in for your customer advocacy initiatives, how to set realistic expectations and goals, and what to consider for the best results.

Episode 4

How to align marketing and product teams for ultimate growth with guest Maria Cuasay

In this episode Maria Cuasay, Product Growth Manager at Ancestry, and host Will Fraser discuss how growth marketers can best work with product teams to scale their product and delight their customers.

Episode 3

How to combat rapidly increasing customer acquisition costs with guest Rory Capern

Guest Rory Capern and host Will Fraser discuss market trends, and how you can adjust your marketing strategy to combat rapidly increasing customer acquisition costs.

Episode 2

Top strategies for building customer advocacy with Rebecca Kapler, Customer Marketing Manager @ Jobber

In this episode, Will chats with guest Rebecca Kapler, Customer Marketing Manager at Jobber, to understand how she leverages different programs to build customer advocacy, why it’s important, and how it contributes to Jobber’s continued success.

Episode 1

How recipient benefiting incentive programs achieve better results with Rachel Gershon

In this episode, Will chats with Rachel Gershon, the assistant professor of marketing at the University of California, about her innovative and game-changing research on referral program reward structure!

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