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SaaSquatch Added to the Segment Catalog

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Here at SaaSquatch, we’ve always understood the importance of making installation as easy as possible for our users.

That’s why we’re excited to announce that the SaaSquatch destination is available directly in the Segment destination catalog! The integration is now easier to find and takes less time to set up.

If you’re already familiar with our Segment integration, this change means you no longer have to use the ‘Webhooks - Raw Data’ destination.

Simply search for SaaSquatch directly in Segment’s destination catalog and select ‘SaaSquatch v2.’ Follow the steps for installation and boom, you’re done!

If you’re new to Segment, here’s a quick overview on how things work.

What is Segment?

Most marketing tools and apps run on three points of data: who your users are, what they’re doing and where they’re doing it. Segment is a platform that connects those data points and sends the information to other tools you may be using.

What’s a Destination?

Segment acts as a tunnel between sources and destinations. Sources send data into the platform, while destinations receive data. Destinations are typically tools or apps that you use for marketing automation, analytics and the like.

Of course, because nothing’s ever that easy, each tool requires that you provide your data in a slightly different format. That makes for a lot of extra coding work just to be able to manage your data across your choice of tools and apps. But that’s where the beauty of Segment comes in. Send your data in once and the platform translates it for multiple destinations.

How do you use Segment with SaaSquatch?

When you add the SaaSquatch destination in Segment, you’ll be able to seamlessly sync data from your Segment sources into SaaSquatch. Once enabled, event data collected by Segment will automatically start flowing to SaaSquatch in real-time, where you can leverage its capabilities to strengthen brand loyalty and accelerate revenue growth

This makes it easier than ever to register and track users, convert referrals, and trigger loyalty programs. You can be confident that your customer data is being securely managed, while having it all readily available for referral attribution and reporting purposes.

To learn more about enabling and configuring our Segment integration, head on over to the SaaSquatch Help Center. If you get stuck, our Success team is always standing by to help!

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