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The Advocacy Channel Ep. 20: The Best Ways for Marketing and Customer Success Teams to Collaborate on Customer Marketing Initiatives

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The lines between marketing and customer success teams often seem blurred when it comes to customer engagement programs, making their unification a challenge for many organizations. To guide us through this topic, we've invited Cece Lee and Lynn Pietryga of Enable Us, a company known for its innovative solutions that drive customer success. Cece, a seasoned Chief Marketing Officer, and Lynn, an experienced Chief Customer Officer, bring their unique perspectives and experiences to the conversation.

In this episode, we delve into a variety of crucial topics that will provide invaluable insights and strategies, including:

  1. How do marketing and customer success teams collaborate on customer marketing initiatives?
  2. How are objectives and key results (OKRs) integrated into customer marketing initiatives?
  3. What are effective strategies for maintaining clear and efficient communication with customers and within the team?
  4. How are customer success stories effectively managed and transferred to marketing?
  5. What has been the evolution and impact of collaboration between the two teams on customer marketing programs and projects?
  6. What are the key lessons learned and major takeaways for our listeners?

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How can Your Marketing and Customer Success Teams Collaborate for Better Customer Marketing Initiatives? 

(Listen from 00:05)

Cece and Lynn emphasize the importance of a symbiotic relationship between the marketing and customer success teams. They explain how their teams at Enable Us work together to achieve common goals and deliver enhanced customer experiences. 

"At Enable Us, we believe in combining our unique strengths and perspectives to yield optimal results," says Cece (at 04:28).

They further delve into how fostering open communication, understanding each other's roles, and setting common objectives can ensure a more cohesive work process and better outcomes. With these strategies in place, the teams can complement each other, leading to stronger customer relationships and improved marketing initiatives.

How can Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) Enhance Customer Marketing Initiatives? 

(Listen from 13:20)

Our guests underscore the critical role of OKRs as a guiding compass for their teams. By providing clear direction and aligning everyone on the goals, they ensure an effective path to achieving them. 

OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) is a goal-setting framework for businesses and organizations. The framework consists of defining specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound objectives that align with the company's overall strategy. Along with each objective, there are key results that help measure progress towards achieving the objective. The OKR framework provides clarity and accountability within the organization and helps teams prioritize their work.

"OKRs serve as our compass. They guide our actions and ensure we're heading in the right direction. They're integral to our strategy and to our success."

Regular reviews and updates on the OKRs keep everyone focused, motivated, and aware of the progress towards the overall goals of customer marketing initiatives. Having aligned OKRs also encourages better cooperation and teamwork, making it easier to adapt and make strategic decisions based on the company's evolving needs and market trends.

What Strategies can Enhance Clear and Efficient Communication with Customers and Within Your Team? 

(Listen from 21:10)

Cece and Lynn highlight the importance of clear and consistent communication for effective collaboration. They elaborate on how this principle applies from the handoff from sales to success, ensuring there are no misunderstandings or information gaps that could hamper the customer's journey.

In addition, they talk about the need for communication to be a two-way street, especially when dealing with customers. They stress that, besides conveying what you can do for the customer, it's equally important to listen to their feedback and understand what they need from you. This exchange of information helps build trust and lays the foundation for robust, lasting customer relationships.

How can you Effectively Manage and Transfer Customer Success Stories to Marketing? 

(Listen from 27:40)

The process of managing and transferring customer success stories from the Customer Success Team to the Marketing Team is a crucial one. Lynn shares an anecdote from Enable.Us where they realized the need to make this process more systematic and efficient. The team used specific tools to make these stories accessible and searchable by marketing, enhancing their ability to align customer stories to corporate goals and leverage them across the funnel.

Cece adds, "It's essential to strike a balance between collecting enough information to tell a compelling story and not overwhelming the customer success team or the customer. With a systematic approach, we've been able to achieve this."

What can the Evolution and Impact of Collaboration between Teams Teach Us about Customer Marketing Programs and Projects? 

(Listen from 36:10)

The pair reflect on the evolution and impact of collaboration between their teams at Enable Us, painting a picture of how their synergy has pushed customer marketing programs and projects forward. Lynn recounts, "When we started working more closely, we found we were able to accomplish so much more. Our collective efforts led to richer customer stories, stronger relationships, and ultimately, more successful customer marketing programs."

This narrative showcases the transformative power of collaboration and its potential to drive customer marketing initiatives, reminding us all that great things can be achieved when teams work together.

What Key Lessons and Takeaways can Enhance Your Customer Marketing Initiatives? 

(Listen from 42:00)

As they conclude their discussion, Cece and Lynn share key takeaways from their journey. This includes the importance of open communication, aligning on goals through OKRs, managing customer success stories systematically, and fostering collaboration between teams. Lynn notes at 45:15, "The experience has taught us a lot, but if there's one thing I'd want our listeners to take away, it's the power of collaboration and communication."

Leverage these insights to supercharge your customer marketing initiatives. And remember, your team is your strongest asset – together, you can achieve your customer marketing goals and beyond!

Listen to the full podcast episode with Cece and Lynn for more valuable insights and on improving marketing and customer success teams' collaboration. And remember to subscribe to The Advocacy Channel for more episodes on customer advocacy, marketing, and growth strategies.

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