Case Studies

PensionBee Case Study

Learn how the UK’s leading online pension provider generates 5x more referrals since switching to SaaSquatch.

Jobber Case Study

Read how this business management platform uses referrals to acquire customers at an 18% higher selling price.

Adzooma Case Study

See how this leading PPC management platform generates 48% higher conversion rates through referrals with SaaSquatch.

Habito Case Study

Learn how the UK’s leading digital mortgage broker acquires customers at a 45% cheaper rate using SaaSquatch.

99 Case Study

Find out how 99 drove 5% of their growth through referrals while making their customers and drivers happier.

Typeform Case Study

Learn how Typeform takes advantage of our flexible theming engine and payment systems to get results from their customer referral program software.

Teach Starter Case Study

Find out how Teach Starter quickly launched a referral program and have seen double digital annual growth from it ever since.

E-Commerce Case Study

Learn how leading e-commerce brands take advantage of the SaaSquatch marketing platform to improve key customer acquisition and retention metrics.

EquityFeed Case Study

Learn how EquityFeed used evaluation, design, integration and optimization to drive profitable results with our marketing platform.

B2B SaaS Case Study

Learn how BallPark uses in-app referral marketing and our customizable email notifications to scale the growth of their accounting software.

Our referral program has proven to be a cost-effective, fully-automated channel for growth. One of our most important criteria was to make every component automatic -- from rewards and analytics to notifications -- and it’s fully delivered on that front.


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