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As more and more customers turn to digital channels to interact with their banks, credit unions, and wealth management apps, the modernization of customer engagement strategies is critical for the growth of financial brands. SaaSquatch makes it easy to capitalize on digital touchpoints that are more valuable than ever so you can acquire and retain high-value members.

Banks & Credit Unions

Streamline your referral and loyalty programs to attract and retain the modern customer.

Fintech Apps

Scale with branded, mobile-first referral and loyalty programs to acquire more users faster.

Payment Processing

Launch flexible referral and reward programs that integrate directly with your CRM.

Powerful & scalable acquisition and retention

When it comes to trusting someone else with one’s hard-earned money, your customer advocacy and loyalty matters. Create rewards programs to encourage behaviors like account setup, in-app activity, new product adoption, and new user referrals. Refine each program based on customer segment, active products and any other data you collect.

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An engaging cross-channel experience

Transform your referral and loyalty programs to meet customers where they are on web and mobile. A fully-branded experience lets members refer and earn right from their existing accounts, with no need for an additional onboarding process, making it easy for you to drive increased app usage and feature adoption.

The security and compliance you (and your members) expect

There’s no need to sacrifice security and compliance when it comes to scaling your member growth. Confidently onboard new customers and deliver a seamless digital customer experience across platforms with the governance to back it up. SaaSquatch is SOC 2 Type II, GDPR and EU Privacy Commission compliant.

Driving Real Results


lower customer acquisition cost

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more customer referrals

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annual paid user growth

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Our referral program has proven to be a cost-effective, fully-automated channel for growth. One of our most important criteria was to make every component automatic -- from rewards and analytics to notifications -- and it’s fully delivered on that front.


Every time we spoke to your team, you were progressing and adding features, and there seemed to be a consistent delivery against your product roadmap. In particular, our engineering team was confident that you would keep things up to date, and you had a well-documented API. When we looked at competitors, everything felt clunky, slow, and backwards.


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