What is Growth Automation?


Customer lifecycle growth marketing

Customer lifecycle growth marketing

SaaSquatch Growth Automation lets you improve every part of the customer lifecycle with fully automated marketing programs. Acquire more customers, grow your revenue per customer or increase word of mouth with unique rewards based growth programs.

growth automation program manager

Build, manage and optimize; no development needed

The SaaSquatch platform empowers marketing and success teams to build growth programs without custom development or other resources. After integration, growth programs can be rapidly built, managed and optimized all within the SaaSquatch administration portal.

A growing library of growth programs

SaaSquatch comes with a library of pre-built growth programs to assist you in growing your customers and revenue from acquisition to re-activation. New programs are added to the library regularly just as if you had an in-house development team. There’s always something new to try.

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Engage customers how they like, when they like

High quality user experiences are now a must have to effectively grab the attention of consumers. SaaSquatch seamlessly integrates with your web, mobile and messaging experiences to provide branded engagements on the channels your customers prefer.

custom growth automation programs

Create you own custom growth programs

Have unique requirements or ideas for novel growth programs? Build your own growth programs with our javascript based program builder and add extra user information using SaaSquatch Custom Fields. Once built, custom programs are reusable as many times as you like and are configurable by non-developers.

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