SaaSquatch x HubSpot Integration

Better track, manage and reward your program's participants with the all-new, easy-to-use SaaSquatch x HubSpot Integration.
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Overview: HubSpot is an all-in-one CRM platform with software products for marketing, sales and customer service.
Integration type: CRM
Plans: Available with all plans 
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Easily set-up, run and track powerful customer-led growth programs

With the all-new, easy-to-use native SaaSquatch x HubSpot integration, you can:

Trigger rewards when a HubSpot deal stage is changed.
Make referral connections directly in HubSpot.
Send personalized reminder emails in HubSpot.
Keep track of who referred whom, right in HubSpot.

How the integration works:

With the SaaSquatch x HubSpot integration, participant referral data is automatically shared between the two platforms. By connecting your SaaSquatch participants to contacts in HubSpot, you can run powerful customer marketing programs that reward behaviors tied to your sales process.


Send links and codes to contacts using HubSpot emails.

Use HubSpot marketing automation to create and send personalized program emails. Send automated reminder emails with your contacts’ unique links and codes and encourage them to participate.

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Make Referral Connections

Make referral connections right in HubSpot.

Automatically track referrals through HubSpot lead forms or give your sales team the ability to manually connect new leads to the customers who referred them, without leaving HubSpot.

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HubSpot_send rewards off events

Send rewards based on changes to HubSpot deal stages.

Connect your HubSpot deal stages to SaaSquatch and trigger your program to send rewards when the deal stage is changed.

For example: The status of a deal is changed in HubSpot from Contract Sent to Closed Won, that event is sent to SaaSquatch which triggers the program to automatically send out rewards.

Track Referrals_HubSpot

Keep track of who referred whom, right in HubSpot.

SaaSquatch participant data is mapped and synced to contacts in HubSpot. This attaches important data, like referral codes, links and referred by data on the contact record in HubSpot.

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