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Customer Referral Programs for Mobile Apps

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Acquire new users

Get users to refer your mobile app to their friends with a fast and fun customer referral program. Incentivize your members with a reward that triggers program participation while making financial sense to your business.


Mobile, web, email and social. We've got you covered

Provide a first class, high-converting and pixel-perfect user experience regardless of whether your customers use your website or mobile app.


Analytics and reporting for your whole team

Whether your marketing team wants to track your referral program conversion rate or your accounting team needs to report on outstanding rewards, the SaaSquatch platform has it covered.


Keep your mobile app safe with a highly secure referral program

With automated fraud prevention your referral program is constantly being monitored for suspicious activity. Fraud cases are both reviewed and resolved swiftly, and in a user friendly way.

Key Features for Mobile Apps

SaaSquatch hits the sweet spot in the referral marketplace. Their platform offers everything we need to run a successful referral program. Implementation was quick and it has been key in the growth of our business over the past year.

Ben Friedman

Head of Operations at All Set

Mobile Apps growing with SaaSquatch

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