Over the past 12 months, we have seen 23% of all new subscribers come directly from customer referrals through SaaSquatch. Our customers are now being rewarded and our team couldn't be happier. It's a win-win!
Scott Tonges

Owner, Teach Starter

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Acquire more, high-value subscribers

Help new subscribers experience the full value of your service faster with the SaaSquatch platform. Provide unique introductory offers and rewards to encourage people to sign up and buy as soon as possible.

Increase customer lifetime value with the click of a button

Lifetime value is the key to success for every subscription business. Proactively extend lifetime with growth programs built in minutes not weeks. Engage existing customers at every point in their journey.

Seamlessly run growth programs everywhere

Seamlessly run growth programs everywhere

Whether you provide a streaming service, an online learning company or a subscription box, your customers want to engage with your growth programs everywhere they engage with your business.

Prove you’re adding to the bottom line

Every growth initiative aims to increase revenues but few can prove they do. The SaaSquatch Growth Automation platform’s analytics make it easy to see who participated, where and how much value it’s contributed to your business.

Key Features for Subscription Services

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