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Customers have the power when it comes to choosing a service provider, but with it comes the untapped advocacy and loyalty to help you grow. When consistent innovation and attention to consumer needs is critical for survival, automated referral and loyalty programs let you utilize customer data to add value and incentives that competitors can’t match on price alone.

Big Telecom

Grow the lifetime value of every customer with segmented offers to increase service usage.


Remain agile and adapt quickly to customer needs with value-adding opportunities that drive brand loyalty.

Single Service Providers

Put your customer data to good use to create personalized offers and a user-centric experience.

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Impactful marketing for effective acquisition

When customers have an ever-growing list of alternative options, you need a way to stand out from the crowd without relying on price-cutting and oversaturated marketing channels. Leverage the advocacy and trust of your happy customers to help make your brand top of mind with referral rewards.

Your secret weapon for customer retention

The end of the contract doesn’t have to mean the end of the customer. Supplement your growth strategy with personalized offers, timely rewards, and advocacy bonuses to build lifelong loyal users. Encourage new product adoption, account expansion, and upsells to boost retention and investment in your brand.

Engage customers where they are

Develop new user touchpoints on web and mobile to drive app usage, create quality interactions, and collect and use the data you need to deliver personalized offers. Build consistent, native user experiences with the flexible and scalable SaaSquatch platform.

Growth strategies to match your industry’s pace

Customers expect consistent innovation from your products and services, and your engagement strategy is no different. SaaSquatch lets you rapidly deploy and adjust campaigns to keep up with shifting user preferences and market trends so you can retain high-value customers at scale.

The referral program is consistently filling the funnel with new leads, and we just get to watch the numbers go up. When we need support, we get the help we need and it’s always fantastic support. SaaSquatch allows us to focus on our other projects and not worry about systems breaking
Casimir Loeber

Co-Founder, RealtyNinja

At Jobber, we strive to provide world-class customer service, and look for that quality in the vendors we work with as well. Working with SaaSquatch feels like working with our own internal team—we’re all collaborating to achieve the same goal. We’re confident that the SaaSquatch team and platform will continue to help us scale and grow.


Driving Real Results


lower customer acquisition cost

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higher conversion rates

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more customer referrals

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