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The Problem with Acquisition-Based Growth (and what to do instead)

Your best chance at growth lies with the customers you already have. It's time to add retention strategies to your marketing mix.

7 Myths about Loyalty Programs for Digital Businesses

Let us separate fact from fiction and debunk the misconceptions that are holding you back from building a loyal customer base.

Using Incentives to Win Back Customers & Reduce Churn

How do you win back customers without sounding desperate? Learn our top 5 ways to leverage incentives and convince customers to give you another chance.

How Uber is Redefining Loyalty

Learn how a billion dollar company has implemented an end-to-end loyalty strategy to help acquire (and retain) over 100 million users.
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9 Costly Loyalty Program Mistakes (and how to avoid them)

If your loyalty program isn't driving the results you hoped for, check that you're not making one of these costly mistakes.

How to Reward the Right Kind of Customer Behavior

Stop wasting money rewarding the wrong customer behavior. Drive loyalty by incentivizing different actions at each stage in the customer lifecycle.
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Now Tech: B2B Customer Engagement Marketing

SaaSquatch named leader in Forrester's "Now Tech: B2B Customer Engagement Marketing" as it expands its services.
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The New Currencies of Loyalty: Going Beyond Cash and Points

It's time to re-think your loyalty program rewards. Deliver on real customer needs by leveraging alternative currencies that go beyond traditional rewards.

6 Loyalty Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore in 2019

What does loyalty marketing look like for the digital economy in 2019? Our predictions will help you stay ahead of the game.

Loyalty Program Promotion Checklist: 7 Effective Strategies

Your loyalty program won't promote itself. Learn where and when to promote your incentives to boost engagement and drive results.