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How Uber Taught Me Everything There Is To Know About Referrals

On a recent trip I had a drink with a friend. At one point I asked him for directions, but what I got was a master class in customer referral marketing.
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Startups and Smooth Scaling


Cut the BS! Why Direct, Honest Communication Will Get You More Referrals

Principle No. 1: Make Customers Happy - No referral program is going to be successful unless you make your customer happy first. We work very hard to make..

Congrats Emails on Trial Sign Up

most Referral SaaSquatch referral programs don't give out rewards until referred users have begun to pay for the service. As a first step in increasing...

Support for non-payment system registered users

Referral programs typically produce better results when more people can participate in them. Higher exposure, leads to more engagement, and more signups.
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Sortable Participant Explorer

Finding your best referral program participants by whatever metric you find important can be helpful for a number of reasons.

Change Your Referral Program Landing Pages

At Referral SaaSquatch we wanted to make it easier for our users to switch which landing page they were show to newly referred users. Integrates with Referral SaaSquatch has made integrating Referral SaaSquatch into your site even easier by adding native support for Referral SaaSquatch in their integrations panel.

3900% Growth – Dropbox Customer Referral Program by the Numbers

The Dropbox customer referral program is one of the most famous and impressive on the internet. However, the big numbers don't tell the whole story

Increased Security with Signed Widget Requests

Signed requests provide an extra layer of security by using a cryptographic signature to validate that the data we receive originated from your servers.