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How Adzooma increased referral conversions by 48% with SaaSquatch

Learn how this leading PPC platform uses SaaSquatch to grow their customer base through referrals. Boost your growth strategy.

SaaSquatch Announces SOC 2 Type II Certification

We're officially SOC 2 certified! Another step in building a secure enterprise referral, loyalty and rewards platform that digital businesses can trust.
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How to Advocate for the Value of Referral Marketing

We’re here to help you answer the most common questions about why referral marketing should be a priority for any digital business looking to grow.
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How Habito Cut Customer Acquisition Costs Nearly in Half with SaaSquatch

Learn how the UK's leading digital mortgage broker uses SaaSquatch to grow their customer base through referrals.
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4 Steps to Referral Program Success: Best Practices Guide

Achieve the best results with our referral program best practices guide! Learn all the proper steps to build a top-performing program.

Introducing the 2020 State of Referral Marketing Report by SaaSquatch

A brand new analysis on the world's top referral programs, their structure, and rewards. Download your free report today.

Product Updates: Pending Rewards, Multi-Step Programs & more!

Learn how SaaSquatch is changing to help you develop better relationships with your customers, streamline reward management, and get a better ROI.

What Does the Future of 3rd Party Cookies Mean for your Referral Program?

The rules are changing around how third-party cookies can be used across websites. How does your referral program need to adapt?

How PensionBee Gets 5x More Customer Referrals with SaaSquatch

PensionBee teamed up with SaaSquatch to automatically reward customers who referred their friends. Learn how this led to 5x more customer referrals.
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Guide to Referral Program Rewards

What do top companies offer as referral program rewards? We surveyed 102 programs to help you decide.